To start the minigame, to get the Culinaromancer gloves you have to talk to the Bartender at Falador bar. He will ask you if you would like to start the minigame or look at his shop. In his shop he is selling all the Culinaromancer gloves. Once you click yes, you will be teleported to the minigame.

Once you are there, four bosses will spawn. Each boss you kill will give you one better glove in the shop.

  1. Agrith-Na-Na, (Adamant gloves)
  2. Flambeed, (Rune gloves)
  3. Karamel, (Dragon gloves)
  4. Dessourt, (Barrows gloves)

If none of the bosses is slain, the shop is only going to sell you bronze, iron, steel, black and mithril Culinaromancer gloves.

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